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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the Astro Rack's patent pending resistance plate design, there is no defined resistance limit. However, in reality, the structures that attach to the resistance plates do have a rated limit. These structures (platform, bench, and overhead extension) will be strong enough to provide resistances up to 400lbs.

How much resistance can I use with the Astro Rack?

Stay tuned! Alperian is launching a Kickstarter in the coming weeks - you'll get a chance to purchase you're own.

When will I be able to buy an Astro Rack?

The Astro Rack will cost between $750 to $1,600 depending on what components are purchased.

How much will the Astro Rack cost?

Everything in the Astro Rack ecosystem, plus 300 lbs of resistance plates, will be packaged into a 50 lb suitcase. Therefore, you will quite literally be able to take the Astro Rack anywhere, even on a plane!

How much will the Astro Rack weigh?

The Astro Rack has two configurations: the exercise configuration and the storage configuration. In the exercise configuration, the Astro Rack is 3 ft wide by 4ft long. In the storage configuration, the Astro Rack is 30 inches by 18 inches by 13.5 inches (the size of a large suitcase).

How big is the Astro Rack?

No batteries or electricity required! Resistance in the Astro Rack is generated purely from mechanical processes, so it is self-powered.

Do I need batteries or electrical power to use the Astro Rack?

No subscriptions required! The Astro Rack is not electrical and will not have any inherent need to use a subscription. Once you buy the Astro Rack, it's yours to use as you see fit.

Will I need a subscription to use the Astro Rack?

The resistance plates work just like traditional weighted plates: combine any number of resistance plates to generate your desired resistance. For example, to use 60 lbs of resistance, combine a 50 lb plate and a 10 lb plate. The only difference is that the Astro Rack resistance plates are lightweight! This allows you to take your workout anywhere, without worrying about lugging around 400+ lbs of equipment.

How do the resistance plates work?

Constant force means exactly what you'd think: that the resistance plates output constant force! For example, a resistance plate rated for 25 lbs will always output 25 lbs of resistance, no matter how far you pull the cable, the speed at which you pull, or which direction you are pulling.

What do you mean when you say constant force?

The Astro Rack provides weightlifters with their dream experience by supporting hundreds of weightlifting exercises including bench press, squat, deadlift, curls, overhead press... the list goes on!

What exercises can I do with the Astro Rack?

The resistance plates are powered by metal springs known as constant force springs. Unlike resistance bands, these springs output a constant force throughout the entirety of their extension, allowing the Astro Rack to emulate the feeling of gravity.

What powers the resistance plates?

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