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Welcome to Alperian™

Alperian produces innovative sports technology that enhances and improves the lives of our customers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with

  • High-end experiences

  • Environmentally-conscious technology

  • Technology and experiences that make life better

  • The flexibility to choose experiences that best fit their lifestyle

We value transparency in everything we do and hope to keep you updated with every step along the way!


The founders of Alperian

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How it all began

It's March of 2020, and suddenly stay-at-home orders are issued. Gyms shut down and prices for home gym equipment skyrocket. Our founder, Jason, is left with no way to weightlift, a central part of his daily routine. As he goes about his now very-much virtual life in his parent's basement, he tries to workout with body weight exercises, dreaming about buying a power rack.

Eventually, Jason breaks down. Body weight exercises suck. Power racks are thousands of dollars, and he can't afford that. He decides to make his own home gym with more affordable high-resistance bands, a wood plank, a coffee table, and a lacrosse stick. All things considered; the make-shift gym works well. He can deadlift, bench press, squat, and do many of his favorite exercises with resistance up to 300 pounds. The system is not without faults, however. The resistance bands don't output constant force. The resistance bands start to fatigue and break down. The wooden plank begins to warp. The issues are piling up.


As Jason thinks about how to improve his make-shift gym, an idea strikes him: what if he put a series of resistance bands inside a platform? The bands could be incrementally engaged with a dial to vary resistance. A cable and pulley system could be utilized to deliver exercises to the user. It would be compact, portable, and output high & variable resistance. Imagine working out with 400 pounds anywhere you wanted! An earth-shattering prospect for a dedicated powerlifter. And thus, the very first Astro Rack design is born.

Jason immediately begins to spend all of his free time mocking up Astro Rack designs. He talks to friends and family about it. He searches for similar products and finds nothing. Amongst all the designs, discussions, and searching, one thing is clear to him: it's a great idea. An idea that could be a top-selling product. An idea that could launch a business. An idea that could change the landscape of the weightlifting industry. He knew that this was his opportunity to start a business, he just had to take it.

Starting a company was no small task, so Jason began developing a vision for the company that would launch this product. Who did he need to work with him? How could they develop and manufacture this product? How would they get the funds? What was the plan to release the product? What was the company's brand? Too many questions for him to answer alone, so he began to build out a balanced team of individuals with different skillsets. Over the course of a year, Giovanni, Stephen, and Eli were brought on to the company now known as Alperian!

Having spent over 2.5 years developing the Astro Rack and Alperian, a clear path is beginning to form towards a successful product launch!

Volcano Hiker

Alperian is an early stage startup!

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